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Tower of Fantasy Reset Time: Daily, Weekly

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by Sam

The anime-influenced sci-fi adventure game Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG. Hotta Studio created it, and Level Infinite released it.

You may play Tower of Fantasy on your computer or mobile device anywhere in the globe (Android & iOS).

Players of the massive game Tower of Fantasy have the chance to uncover a plethora of treasures hidden around the world map. As you explore the globe, you’ll come across certain off-limits areas.

Behind these spots are buried treasures. You’ll need to find the key and enter the code to enter these locked areas.

There are several quests in Tower of Fantasy that must be completed to claim your rewards.

There are additional optional quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

If you do well, the game may reward you with virtual goods.

In This Post you will get the answer of Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Reset Time: Daily, Weekly

What is the reset timer for each day in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy Daily Reset Time is 5:00 am EST.

Below are the different time zones when time reset daily in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 2:00 am PT
  • 2:30 pm IST
  • 3:00 am MT
  • 4:00 am CT
  • 7:00 pm AEST
  • 10:00 am BST
  • 11:00 am CEST

After that, you can restart the game and proceed to levelling up and earning more points!

Here’s what players can expect to reset each day at the given time:

  • Login Bonuses: The first time a user plays Tower of Fantasy for the day, they will receive a login bonus. Better rewards are given when they have logged in for consecutive days. After the seventh day, the consecutive login cycle starts over.
  • Daily Tasks: Daily tasks or bounties, are simple in-game challenges that use up energy. Whether they are finished or not, they will reset with the daily timer. Complete these for rewards.
  • Daily Limits: Story missions, side quests, XP gain, and leveling up all come with a daily limit. The developers don’t want players finishing everything in one sitting.
  • Events/Notifications: If a new event releases or one is about to end, it will happen alongside the daily timer. New notifications for upcoming events or general news will also refresh with the reset timer.

    Tower of Fantasy Weekly Reset Time

    Tower of Fantasy weekly reset time is 5:10 AM EST every Monday.

    To be eligible for any reward, you must accumulate 900 Weekly Activity points each week; there are no additional rewards for reaching higher totals.

    If you manage to do everything in one week and get 1,000 points, the only additional reward you’ll receive is a feeling of accomplishment.

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