How to get the Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will require the Miracle Growth Elixir in order to complete Scar’s Story Quest, “Nature & Nurture.” This item is a Quest Item that can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In order to complete this quest, you will need to eradicate the Night Thorns from the Vitalys Mines located on the Sunlit Plateau and repair the Orb of Nurturing. Players are required to water the Orb after planting it in front of the Pillar in the Plateau, just as they would a crop that they have planted. However, the magic contained within this orb is extremely potent, and it can only be maintained by drinking from an upgraded Royal Watering Can. The players’ tools for watering the Orb will need to be upgraded, and in order to do so, they will need the enchanted concoction known as the Miracle Growth Elixir.

Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Craft Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Rich Soil, Vitalys Crystals, and Dreamlight are the three components that players will need to collect in order to brew the Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Fans will most likely have amassed thousands of Dreamlight by the time they accept the “Nature and Nurture” quest because it is the most straightforward resource to collect. The primary method for acquiring Dreamlight is by successfully completing the Dreamlight Duties, which can be accessed via the pause menu.

On the other hand, the game could be improved so that it is more obvious to players in Disney Dreamlight Valley where they can find Rich Soil to use in the production of Miracle Growth Elixir. Rich Soil, like regular soil, is described as being available “everywhere,” which may cause even more consternation among fans regarding the means by which it can be obtained. Thankfully, the origin is not complicated at all. Planting and harvesting crops is all that’s required of players to earn Rich Soil. When players harvest their crops, there is a chance that Rich Soil will be produced even if it was not planted. This is true regardless of what was planted. It’s possible that the most productive way to farm rich soil would be to do so with crops that mature quickly, like lettuce or carrots.

The Vitalys Crystal is the final ingredient that must be gathered in order to create the Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Vitalys Mines can be found on the Sunlit Plateau, which is consistent with the meaning of the name “Vitalys Crystals.” During the event “Nature and Nurture,” when players are wandering around the mines, they will see glowing mineral nodes scattered throughout the cave. When these nodes are mined, one can expect to obtain ore, gemstones, and Vitalys Crystals. As a consequence of this, players are required to harvest multiple of these nodes in order to acquire the necessary quantity of Vitalys Crystals in order to craft the Miracle Growth Elixir.

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