Are Suppressors Worth Using in Warzone 2?

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In Warzone 2, suppressors have become a staple for many players. They are used on nearly every loadout for weapons that control medium to long ranges. Players use them for the effective damage range and velocity they provide, but the suppression aspect is also quite important, depending on who you ask.

However, after a recent update to Warzone 2 in January 2023, the effectiveness of suppressors has come into question. Many of the stats remain the same, but it won’t hide you as well as you may think. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at whether suppressors are still worth it in COD Warzone 2, and explore some other alternatives that may be worth considering.

Warzone 2 – Are Suppressors Still Worth Using?

When firing a gun that has a suppressor fitted, Infinity Ward eliminated the benefit of a hidden red dot that appeared on the screen. It wasn’t going to make much of a difference for submachine weapons, but it was going to enable ranged players make the most of the lack of a dot when they were firing hundreds of rounds at once. But would that be enough to get rid of suppressors completely?

If you were utilizing those muzzle attachments for that reason, then you should consider switching to something else, such as an FTAC Castle Comp or a Sakin Thread, which will give you greater control over the recoil. The effective damage range and the increased bullet velocity that suppressors provide are, however, the most essential aspects of these devices. There is also some smoothness to the recoil, although this does not contribute nearly as much as the control stats do.

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The fact that Warzone 2 has a ton of room and an effective damage range may make all the difference in a gunfight is a major selling point for the game. In Al Mazrah, players will almost certainly continue to retain their suppressors equipped for each and every match as long as their statistics remain unchanged. However, gamers that aren’t at range might consider using a different attachment in Warzone 2 when they play.

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