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ARK: Crystal Wyvern – How to Tame, Feed, Breed And Location

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We first encountered the Crystal Wyvern in ARK Survival Evolved last year. There were several fantastic expansion maps with the patches that were made available last year. The Crystal Isles map is one of them. We can see the Crystal Wyvern monster on that ARK map. There are three different varieties of this creature: the Blood Crystal Wyvern, the Ember Crystal Wyvern, and the Tropical Crystal Wyvern. You can find all the information you want about the monster in our Ark crystal wyvern guide. Along with their types, we’ve provided information on how to tame them and spawn them on any ARK: Survival Evolved area.

ARK: Crystal Wyvern - How to Tame, Feed, Breed And Location

Variants of the Crystal Wyvern

Wyvern of Blood and Crystal

One of the least frequent Crystal Wyvern species is the Blood Crystal Wyvern. The Crystal Wyvern can draw life energy from its enemies since blood is its element. Its attacks provide itself the “Blood Curse Recovery” advantage, helping it to heal while eating enemy life, and they also give opponents the “Blood Cursed” debuff.

The Blood Crystal Wyvern also has the benefit of being able to attack corpses and consume them for further regeneration, similar to how an Argentavis can do.

Crystal Wyvern Ember

The Flame The Fire Wyverns from older maps are similar to Crystal Wyverns, except their breath of fire is longer and thinner. The Ember Crystal Wyvern causes more damage over the course of multiple fire breathes than a conventional Fire Wyvern, which deals a fixed amount of fire damage all at once.

Similar to the Blood Crystal Wyverns, these types also do damage over time, but they are more aggressive and have a higher damage-per-second capacity.

Crystal Wyvern of the Tropics

Tropical Ember Crystal Wyverns are a more uncommon breed than Crystal Wyverns, which use water instead of the other elements.

When someone is hit, the Tropical Crystal Wyvern shoots a scalding water jet at them, lowering their health and endurance. The Tropical Crystal Wyvern receives a boost that improves its movement speed, attack damage, and health restoration when it comes into contact with water.

How to Tame Crystal Wyvern

Although taming the Crystal Wyvern may seem easy, it is a difficult process to complete. You must feed one with Primal crystals in order to tame it. However, because the Crystal Wyverns are the sole source of Primal Crystal, getting them first is the issue.

We are well aware of the Crystal Wyverns’ deadly nature. Second, feeding the Wyvern the Primal Crystals becomes challenging after you get them since they have a tendency to fly about a lot. We have thus provided the most effective techniques for obtaining the Primal Crystal as well as instructions on how to successfully feed the Crystal Wyvern in the Ark.

In ARK, feeding the Crystal Wyvern Primal Crystals will tame it. However, a Crystal Wyvern takes off in flight when fed a Primal Crystal. The major issue with training a Crystal Wyvern is that.

You must give a Crystal Wyvern, give or take, eight Primal Crystals with a minute’s rest in between each feeding. Additionally, it will be difficult to tame the Crystal Wyvern if it is flying all over the place when you are feeding it. The Prone Method, however, is the most effective workaround for taming the Crystal Wyvern in ARK.

As the name implies, you must fly on a Crystal Wyvern while prone. However, it is simpler said than done, so here is the right way to go about it. Start climbing on a Crystal Wyvern from its wings or anywhere you please before feeding it. Now lying flat at either of its shoulder blades, or more specifically at its neck and wing’s tip.

When using the Prone technique, positioning is essential. You risk falling if the Crystal Wyvern is flying horizontally. Therefore, pay special attention to getting into that prone posture and give it a Primal Crystal to eat. Once you’ve managed to tame the Crystal Wyvern in ARK, continue feeding it.

Uses Crystal Wyvern


Some of Ark’s swiftest fliers are Crystal Wyverns, which can swiftly traverse large portions of a territory.

Damage Dealer

Players may employ their favourite Elemental Breath from among the variety that Crystal Wyverns have to wreck havoc on their foes. Crystal Wyverns are excellent for killing animals or attacking in PVP since they can deliver a lot of damage to foes quickly.


The Crystal Wyvern has a great weight capacity, enabling it to carry more objects than other animals and travel long distances with them.

Resource Farming

The Crystal Wyvern may help players with meat farming since it can quickly kill wild animals and do a lot of damage. Players may employ the Crystal Wyvern’s wing strike if they lack the equipment necessary to gather materials from trees.

How to Spawn Crystal Wyvern On Maps

The Crystal Isles were the only place to find Crystal Wyverns when the latest upgrades for ARK: Survival Evolved were released. In ARK Survival Evolved, though, you may generate them wherever thanks to the introduction of even more fresh enhancements. The folks who desire to gather every Wyvern for various maps have benefited from these changes.

list of all the Crystal Wyvern Spawn commands in ARK Survival Evolved.

  • Tropical Crystal Wyvern Command: CrystalWyvern_Character_BP_WS_C
  • Blood Crystal Wyvern Command: CrystalWyvern_Character_BP_Blood_C
  • Ember Crystal Wyvern Command: CrystalWyvern_Character_BP_Ember_C

It’s important to note that not every Crystal Wyvern in ARK may spawn on any given terrain. The Tropical Crystal Wyvern, Ember Crystal Wyvern, and Blood Crystal Wyvern are the only three primary ones that are currently available. You’ll also want to have these three things. The crystal wyvern alpha and queen’s heirs cannot be produced.

  • cheat GMSummon “CrystalWyvern_Character_BP_Blood_C” 1

How to Spawn Crystal Wyvern Anywhere In ARK

In ARK Survival Evolved, you may spawn the Crystal Wyvern on any map by entering the appropriate command with the spawn command in the Admin Command. The whole set of ARK Survival Evolved’s Crystal Wyvern Spawn commands may be seen below.

These are the instructions in ARK Survival Evolved to summon each variety of Crystal Wyvern. It’s important to note that in order for these instructions to function, the spawn command must be used. For your spawn command, you must additionally put the level at the end. For instance, to summon a level 1 Blood Crystal Wyvern, you must execute the following admin command.

What does a Crystal Wyvern eat? In ARK: Survival Evolved,

the Crystal Wyvern eats:-

  • Primal Crystal, and
  • Crystal.

Where To Find Crystal Wyvern In Ark?

You must go to the Desert Wyvern Hive, where the Crystal Wyvern Nests reside, in order to get a Crystal Wyvern.

There will still be threats in the region, so it’s essential that you keep a sharp eye out for the nests that are around the hive that you may take.

When flying over the Desert Wyvern Hive, you can readily see the nests since they are situated about between 72 and 42. Watch out for the local wild Crystal Wyverns, who are roving and will follow you if you approach too closely or steal an egg.

How to breed the Crystal Wyvern in ARK

As long as the two Wyverns (male and female) are of the same sort of variation, players are able to breed wyverns. After mating, a female Wyvern of the same kind will release a fertilised egg that corresponds to their variety. You must maintain the egg at a temperature of between 176°F and 194°F (80°C to 90°C) for it to hatch.

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