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How To Find and Tame Megachelon in Ark Fjordur

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The Megachelon is a large turtle with a total of six legs and four eyes. You may capture and domesticate it to use it as a mobile base, a tank, and a means of transportation, among other things. This guide will cover not only how to tame Megachelon but also where to find it in Ark Fjordur and how to hunt it.

How To Find and Tame Megachelon

Where to find Megachelon

The waters west of the Swamp Biome in Fjordur contain the Megachelon. The Megachelon often spawns around 44.9 LAT and 23.7 LON coordinates.

Best Way to taming Megachelon

Once you have discovered a Megachelon, you may start the taming procedure. Only passive methods are available in Ark Fjordur to tame the Megachelon. By passively taming an animal, you mean that you can have it under your control without having to battle it or put it to sleep. Instead, a passive kind of taming might be achieved by giving the animal food that it likes. The Microbe Swarm fish is preferred by the Megachelon species as its main food source. Around the same area where you found Megachelon, you could see clusters of Microbe Swarm swimming. The map’s centre is where this place is.

Finding a group of Microbe Swarms and luring them into battle with you will be your goal. As soon as they find you, swim over to the Megachelon you want to seduce right away. The fish will stop following you and start to circle Megachelon as soon as you take the school of fish that is near to Megachelon. This will start the process of taming them passively. You will have the option to name the creature and keep it as a pet after you have successfully tamed it.

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