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How do you get seaweed easily in Raft?

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In Raft, seaweed is a crafting ingredient mostly used to make flippers. It may be produced into Vine Goo and is found underwater. A Smelter is required if you want to perform this.

Although this may change in the future, there aren’t many dishes in the game that employ seaweed as a recipe right now. Raft is presently in Early Access, so I’m sure there will be plenty of changes over the next weeks and months.

How do you get seaweed easily in Raft?

How To Collect Seaweed | Finding Seaweed in Raft


In kelps, seaweed is quite prevalent. On the ocean bottom, kelps are towering plants. Instead of in the open ocean, it is preferable to look for kelp in the shallow water areas close to islands.

Finding an island is the first step; the size of the island is irrelevant. When you locate the island, use your sail to manoeuvre toward it and your raft’s anchor to moor close by.

Additionally, keep in mind that growing seaweed might be risky. Your oxygen metre and sharks need continual attention.

However, oxygen shouldn’t be much of an issue since kelps aren’t found very deep underwater. However, sharks may be far more hazardous. Sharks may be eliminated in one of two ways: by killing them or by luring them away with bait. Using baits is the best course of action if you aren’t ready to fight; they may allow you enough time to get away from them.

Swim close to a kelp plant and keep an eye out for the denser, often central, area of the plant. If it’s in your line of sight, this region would be somewhat illuminated. To get the seaweed from the kelp, just look at the denser area and hit the “E” key on your keyboard.

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes, which are dispersed across the game’s universe, are another method to find seaweed.

Instead of just one thing, each Loot Box you uncover will include a variety of goodies. There’s a possibility that the loot box you uncover contains seaweed.

Only Vacated Rafts (which spawn randomly), Abandoned Huts (found on islands or underwater nearby islands), and Story Islands have loot boxes.

Uses of Seaweed

  • Used to research or craft Flippers.
  • Used in a smelter to get Vine Goo.

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