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How To Craft Hollowfang Battlegear In V Rising?

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In V Rising, many different gears are available for you to choose from. As the game progresses, you will unlock better and higher-tier weapons and armor, doing better damage and defense. One such piece of gear is Hollowfang Battlegear. This guide will explain how to craft Hollowfang Battlegear in V Rising.

How To Craft Hollowfang Battlegear In V Rising?

How to make Hollowfang Battlegear in V Rising?

You must first complete a few different prerequisites in order to manufacture the Hollowfang equipment. You must first maintain improving your castle until you get the ability to interact with the “Blood Altar.”You will be able to examine a list containing the details of all V Blood Carriers in the game once you can interact with the Blood Altar. V Blood Carriers are unique bosses, and by killing them and drinking their blood, you may get unique abilities.

Quincy the Bandit King, a Level 37 V Blood Carrier that can be found in Farbane Woods, is the boss of our attention. The location of Quincy the Bandit King is listed below. Additionally, you may instantly mark him on your map by using the “Track Blood” option.

Suck Quincy’s blood after you’ve defeated him to get access to the Chaos Barrier and Merciless Charge abilities. Additionally, you will get Hollowfang Battlegear recipes, buildings for the Smithy and Tailoring Bench, Iron Ingot, and Iron Weapons.

You must first construct the Tailoring Bench in order to use the recipe to create the Hollowfang gear. You will be able to create the Hollowfang Battlegear after that is finished. The following pieces make up the Hollowfang battlegear set:

  • Hollowfang Chestguard
  • Hollowfang Leggings
  • Hollowfang Gloves
  • Hollowfang Boots

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