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How To Craft The Best Armor In V Rising?

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V Rising Armor  is the kind of game in which you will need to explore a total of five regions. Each region is filled with powerful enemies, and they will keep on getting tougher as you’ll make progress through the game. While the best weapons in V Rising are going to help you defeat these enemies, you should also focus on getting the right armors to live for a longer period. And today, we are going to talk about some of the best armors in V Rising that you must get.

How To Craft The Best Armor In V Rising?

How To Craft The Best Armor In V Rising?

Following are best armor in V Rising. Follow steps to craft Armor.

Hollowfang Armor Set

Next up, we have the Hollowfang Armor set. Now, while it may not have some special buffs like the Merciless Nightstalker set, it offers better protection than it, something which makes it one of the best defense armors in V Rising. You can trust this armor while fighting powerful bosses, as it won’t let you go down so easily.

However, you won’t be able to get this armor after you have made a good amount of progress in the game. But you won’t be needing it against the starting enemies anyways.

You will need a Tailoring Bench to make this armor set. Each item of the Hollowfang Armor set’s formula is detailed below.

  • 24x Cotton Yarn
  • 24x Wool Thread

Merciless Hollowfang Armor Set

The Merciless Hollowfang is yet another armor set on our list that comes with two special buffs, and that is why we think the armor has the potential to offer the best defense in V Rising. When wearing two pieces of this armor set, your overall movement speed will increase by 4%, something that will help you with reaching your enemy’s location quickly.

You must fight a boss called “Grayson the Armorer” in order to get the formula for the Merciless Nightstalker Armor set. This boss may be found in the Bandit Armory.

Because the boss has a high possibility of dropping the Nightstalker Amor set recipe, you’ll have it after a few boss fights.

To make this armor set, you’ll need a Simple Workbench. Below is a list of the recipes for each item of the Merciless Nightstalker Armor set.

  • 1x Nightstalker Armor Piece (Depends on the piece you’re crafting)
  • 4x Leather
  • 4x Coarse Thread
  • 8x Copper Ingot

Dawnthorn Armor

Now, coming down to the best armor in V Rising, the Dawnthorn armor set. Unlike a few of the other armors, this one does not has any special buffs. However, the amount of protection the armor offers it offers is what makes it the best.

When you have the entire set equipped, the total durability of this armor goes all the way up to 1119. At the time of writing, no other armor offers this much protection. Sure, the developers may add a strong one in the future, but the Dawnthorn armor set currently holds the top spot.

Each item of the Dawnthorn Armor Set’s formula is given below:

  • 480x Scales
  • 36x Pristine Leather
  • 24x Ghost Yarn

Immortal King Armor

The following is the recipe for each item of the Immortal King Armor set:

  • Cloak: 6x Cotton Yarn
  • Drape: 3x Cloth, 3x Leather

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