How to get Cosmetics in Darktide

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Cosmetics are a popular aspect of character customization in video games. You can dress up in fancy clothes and go about your day, slapping the poxy boys with style. You will eventually unlock cosmetics when you start a game. Here are the steps to unlock cosmetics in Darktide.

How to get cosmetics in Darktide

Best Ways to Get Cosmetics In Darktide

There are three main ways you can get cosmetics in Darktide, which are:

  1. In-game achievements, known as penance
  2. Imperial Edition
  3. Microtransactions at launch
  4. Occasional Twitch Drop Promotions

Through the in-game penance program, players will be able to get new cosmetics for their classes. You can access the in-game achievement list by opening the game’s menu and clicking on the Penances tab. You will see many cosmetic rewards for your efforts if you look at each achievement summary. You can get portraits from some achievements, others will give you weapon trinkets or charms, and others will allow you to focus on class armor.

You can find the class armor achievements over in the class. Then you can decide if you are interested in the next class. At level 5, you get your first cosmetic, unlocking a sheet piece cosmetic. Matching pants can be obtained by completing a class challenge. There are also two higher-level cosmetics that require you to complete more challenging challenges. These armors are what you see in the box art. They require the right fancy garbs and will take some time to obtain. This shows that you are committed to your class and grind due to the very difficult requirements and skill required.

You can also purchase cosmetics via microtransactions. The beta version of this product is not yet available. It will be launched once the full release arrives, likely on November 30. This applies to all Imperial Edition purchasers. You will receive the cosmetics around launch. If you have those skins, you may need to wait a bit longer depending on when this paragraph is being read.

You can also purchase cosmetics in Darktide through the Twitch drop campaigns. If you are interested in Darktide weapon cosmetics, there is one available from the launch of pre-order beta up to the launch weekend.

Darktide is a live-service game. This means that there will be penance achievements and cosmetics available for microtransactions as it progresses.

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