How To Get Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

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In Tower of Fantasy, you have to give your characters gifts in order for them to wake up. It’s a pretty easy way to get to know the characters and their relationships with each other. The only catch is that different kinds of gifts can be given. For instance, there are Toys, Collectibles, Everyday Items, and so on. And each character likes something different.

There are three kinds of rare gifts: green, blue, and purple. More Awakening Points will be given to your character if the item is rarer. In Tower of Fantasy, you can get a lot of gifts, but you have to go around a bit to find them.

How to get Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

How To Get Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

Gifts can be purchased from the Commissary in both the Crystal Dust Store and in the Points Store.

Crystal Dust Store prices:

  • Special Gift: 60 Crystal Dust
  • Fine Gift 30 Crystal Dust

Points Store prices:

  • Special Gift: 240 points
  • Fine Gift: 120 points
  • Small Gift: 60 points

Another way of getting gifts is by doing these daily activities: Hopkins’ Daily Free Gifts, and Cetus Island Magic Claw Game.

Hopkins’ Daily Free Gifts

Hopkins is an NPC that can be found in the Black Market located in the Banges region (-441, -121). Once per day, you can interact with him and he will give you the opportunity to choose between two boxes containing different kinds of gifts. These gifts range from small to special gifts.

Cetus Island Magic Claw Game

There is a Magic Claw Game on Cetus Island (-541, -921) where you can play the game three times a day. You have one minute per try to do as many attempts as you can to get a single toy from the pile. The attempt ends once you have successfully dropped a toy on the safe area or if your one minute is up.

Since you only have a minute per attempt, try to go for the ones that are near the safe area so that you can maximize the number of attempts that you can do. Also, go for the toys that have big heads that are easier to grab.

Sadly, once all three attempts for the day are used up, there is no way to pay for more attempts and you will have to wait for the next day to get them replenished.

List of Gifts per Tier

Listed below are the gifts for each tier grade, along with their respective tags.

Special Gifts

    • New Game Console – Limited Store Items, Games, Aesperia
    • Snow Globe – Rare Items, Decorations, Aesperia
    • Music Box – Metal Items, Games, Aesperia
    • Silver Cookware – Metal Items, Saved, Aesperia
    • Aida Comic – Limited Store Items, Everyday Items, Aesperia
    • Banges Specialty – Metal Items, Toys, Aesperia
    • 3D Hykros Puzzle – Rare Items, Games, Aesperia
    • Warren Fossil – Rare Items, Saved, Aesperia
    • Crown Token – Limited Store Items, Saved, Aesperia
    • Limited Tata Figurine – Limited Store Items, Figurines, Aesperia
    • Metal Alf Figurine – Metal Items, Figurines, Aesperia
    • Smarty Doll – Saved, Toys, Aesperia
    • Limited Peanut Figurine – Limited Store Items, Decorations, Aesperia
    • Void Angel Figurine – Rare Items, Figurines, Aesperia
    • Angela Ornament – Everyday Items, Decorations, Aesperia

Fine Gifts

    • Tool Set – Metal Items, Aesperia
    • Chess Set – Games, Aesperia
    • Plush Toy – Toys, Aesperia
    • Tailor-made Suit – Everyday Items, Aesperia
    • Vitamin Pack – Everyday Items, Aesperia
    • Gem Necklace – Saved, Aesperia
    • Cat Throw Pillow – Toys, Aesperia
    • Coloring Book – Games, Aesperia
    • Meteorite in a Bottle – Rare Items, Aesperia
    • Perfume Bottle – Everyday Items, Aesperia
    • Tartarus Ornament – Decorations, Aesperia
    • New Kalka Ornament – Decorations, Aesperia
    • Crazy Dumont Figurine – Figurines, Aesperia
    • Moonrabbit Kit – Toys, Aesperia
    • Spirit Princess Figurine – Figurines, Aesperia

Small Gifts

    • Flower Bouquet – Everyday Items, Aesperia
    • Dumbbells – Metal Items, Aesperia
    • Nice Picture Frame – Decorations, Aesperia
    • Postcard of Aida – Rare Items, Aesperia
    • Wool Scarf – Everyday Items, Aesperia
    • Custom Poker Deck – Games, Aesperia
    • Mini Potted Plant – Decorations, Aesperia
    • Retro Harmonica – Rare Items, Aesperia
    • Paper Pinwheel – Toys, Aesperia
    • Snack Box – Limited Store Items, Aesperia

How to use Gifts

Gifts can be used through the Backpack, or via the Simulacra menu.

First off, make sure that you have checked the preferred tags of your intended Simulacra gift recipient to know which gifts you need to get. Then, open up the gift box and select the gift that has the matching tag/s. Giving gifts that has the Simulacrum’s preferred tag will earn you +50% Awakening Points for that chosen Simulacrum.

Next, go to Simulacra > Awaken, then select the Simulacrum that will be getting the gift. Go to their Gift menu and select the gift you want to give.

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