How To Increase Crit Rate in Tower Of Fantasy TOF

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In Tower of Fantasy, Crit Rate is a very important stat that many players want to improve.

But while you can see that stat, there may also be a separate stat called Crit. Even though all of these work to do the damage you need, they are not the same.

So, this information lets us look at how to raise your Crit value in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how much damage you need to do.

How To Increase Crit Rate in Tower Of Fantasy TOF

How to Increase Crit Rate in Tower of Fantasy

Players can’t increase their Critical Rate in the game right now. You can’t change this stat directly, but you can use items that increase Crit to do so. For example, when you wear the Vanguard gloves, your Base attack goes up by 35 and your Crit goes up by 82. The main thing to remember is that it raises your Crit, not your Crit rate. So, the critical damage does get better, but that doesn’t mean the critical rate will go up.

Thanks to user u/Carlos Benevides on the Tower of Fantasy subreddit for posting about these items.

How are Crit Rate and Crit Different

The main difference between the two is that one is how likely an attack is to hit critically, while the other is how much damage it does.

Crit rate, also called Critical rate, is a percentage that shows if your next attack will do critical damage or not. The chance of doing critical damage goes up as the percentage goes up. Crit or Critical damage, on the other hand, is the extra damage the move does. The higher the number, the better for both of them.

As of now, we know that items like Vanguard gloves, Explorer’s gloves, and more can help improve Crit. You can also use your weapons’ Mind matrices. At level 20, you can start getting these matrices.

This is the end of this guide on how to increase your Critical Rate in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how Critical damage works. Since you like to play this game, be sure to check out our other guides on where all the world bosses are, how to get Seabreeze coins, and how to level up. Check out our Tower of Fantasy page for more help with this game.

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