How To Steal LeChuck’s Map In Return To Monkey Island

by Sam

How To Steal LeChuck’s Map In Return To Monkey Island:- You are imprisoned on LeChuck’s ship in the second half of this game, and it is up to you to figure out how to change their plan, conceal your identity, and get friendly with your new coworkers. LeChuck himself being aboard could make it challenging, but don’t worry; with our assistance, the problems in this act will start to make sense.

How To Steal LeChuck's Map In Return To Monkey Island

How To Steal LeChuck’s Map In Return To Monkey Island

To summon a vote, proceed and ring the bell once. They will now all concur if everyone has been persuaded to modify their vote. However, you must first steal the map in order to finish the last stage. Ring this twice when you get back to the bell.

LeChuck will emerge onto the deck after hearing the bell ring twice and begin yelling at the crew. You’ll be able to slip away down into his cabin as he starts. On his desk, locate the map, and compare it to the one you used in Part 1 to obtain the mop handle.

After securing the map, you must now send a skull to the other ship to set it sailing toward Monkey Island so you may follow. Return to the cannon and insert the previous Flattened Skull there. To assist the other ship in its journey, fire the cannon and deliver this across to it.

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