[Updated] Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Tier List: November 2022

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is the latest title in the Ni no Kuni series. This MMORPG is available to play on Windows, iOS, and Android. It is a free-to-play game that provides players with 5 character classes. In today’s Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Tier List, we will take a look at each of these characters and rank them according to their F2P usefulness.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Tier List

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Tier List

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Familiars Tiers Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Familiars
Tier-S Hippocampus, Mite, Oroboros, Sparkee, Petal, Hob-Goblin, Splisher
Tier-A Shrimpaler, Molten Lion, Flutterby, Dinoceros, Crab-O-Lantern, Suiryu, Tumbelemur
Tier-B Byrde, Crowhaek, Draggle, Rimu, Penguicorn, Arachnes, Stagthorn, Bunnybot
Tier-C Disbelief, Naja, Jabber, Hooray, Ebon Taurex, Whambat, Ruff, Rambunctious, Prince of Whales, Petromaton, Bumbler, Worker
Tier-D Sillymander, Shellraiser, Pipsqueak, Madragorer, Bonehead, Stitcher, Taurex


This attack-type Water Familiar gives you a 1% boost on all Water-type attacks you make. Hippocampus is by far the finest DPS choice in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds when it comes to fitting within an overall water elemental squad.

Hippocampus has a single targeted option called the Waterspout in his active talents that utterly shuns everyone it touches. In addition, Hippocampus possesses the Torrent ability, which is an AoE damaging talent that attracts adversaries into the centre.


The mite is a powerful attacker and the most feasible Fire-type DPS option in the game right now. He possesses two extremely powerful powers. Starting with Cross Slash, the first active ability, it’s a single focused damaging ability.

Mite can use this ability to cause an overtime damage effect that lasts for a few seconds. Mite also possesses Terrible Slashing, an AoE damaging ability that targets all enemies and knocks them back.


Looking for a capable attacker for a squad situated in Wood? You’ve come to the right place. In our ranking of Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Wood-type attacker Familiars, Oroboros is the finest. Oroboros’ initial active ability, Spin Attack, is a single target damaging one that inflicts a damage over time type Poison debuff that lasts for 5 seconds, same like practically every other Familiar on the list. Oroboros’ other active skill is an AoE assault that tends to hit all adversaries and knocks them down for a few seconds.


Sparkee is a member of the Light element and a family assailant. Sparkee is a superb Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds stunner who puts adversaries out of action for a short period of time (usually 8 seconds). Sparkee’s Zip Zap skill, a single targeted destructive skill, allows it to exhibit this ability.


Hob-Goblin is a game-familiar attacker who increases a player’s chances of dealing critical damage. Because of Hob-passive Goblin’s skills, which diminish the opponent’s endurance against critical blows, this is possible.


If the quantity of attackers on the S-Tier of our Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Familiar tier list has already overwhelmed you, here’s a way to get some help. Splisher is a Water-type Familiar that assists in lowering the cooldown of all skills for Familiars of the same element.

If you’re a member of a Water-based squad, Splisher is virtually a must-have companion. Splisher’s active ability, the Tiny Prayer, also allows him to heal and remove debuffs. For any player, the talent restores HP and removes any burn debuff from the victim. Splisher’s ability can also temporarily increase Burn resistance.

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