[Updated] Dislyte Tier List: November 2022

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Dislyte Tier List Guide: Best Espers(July 2022)

The following Dislyte tier list guide ranks Espers based on their performance in all the game modes. The game features plenty of game modes such as story, P-war defense, P-war offense, Kronos, Apep, Tower, and more. Now let’s not waste any time and check out the tier list(tap on the character name below to check the tier ratings): –

We have divided the mythical melee Dislyte packs for you into three tiers of Espers ranging from best to weak. Each important and worthy character of Dislyte is ranked into tiers based on their overall performance, while mode-specific rating is also discussed along each of them. The mode ratings are split into:

  • S: Excellent performance with no significant flaws
  • A: Good performance with slight shortcomings.
  • B: Average performance that will get the player through.
  • C: Below Average performance
  • D: Worst performance

Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte Tier List – Best Espers Ranked


S Lin Xiao, Li Ling, Raven, Narver, Lauren, Gabrielle, Sally, Mona, Chalmers, Unas, Lucas, Cecilia, Ye Suhua, Sienna, Melanie
A Clara, Donar, Unky Chai, Jin Yuyao, Tiya, Lewis, Biondina, Hyde, Long Mian, Ren Si, Freddy, Luo Yan, Chloe, Catherine, Celine, Tang Xuan, Q, Drew, Eira, Chang Pu, Fabrice, Asenath, Lu Yi, Laura, Nicole
B Ollie, Bardon, Brynn, Jeanne, Bai Liuli, Dhalia, Tang Yun, Taylor, Xie Chuyi, Hall, Lynn, Bonnie, Triki, Helena, Tevor, Djoser, Heng Yue, Pritzker, Jacob, Meredith
C Li Ao, Helena, Falken, Zelmer, Kaylee, Jiang Man, David, Leon
D Kara, Layla, Arcana, Alexa, Berenice

What’s the best way to get more Dislyte characters?

You must go to the ‘Gacha’ part of the menu in order to get more characters from Dislyte’s Esper Union. The Silver or Gold Record Player may be used to summon Espers here. The Silver player is for recruiting Espers of ordinary rarity, whereas the Gold player is for recruiting Espers of uncommon rarity, or superior characters.

Gold Records, which you may buy with Organa, the game’s currency, are required to summon. Organa may be obtained by completing the initial Growth Plan objectives, which will aid in the formation of your basic squad.

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