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The Cycle: Frontier Veltecite locations & Guide

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Looking for Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier?

One of the early resources that you could have some difficulty obtaining in Fortuna III’s exotic and fascinating landscapes is veltecite. These veins, which are mostly found near water, are pretty common, but you still need to know where to look to discover the most Veltecite. Not the least of which is that you’ll probably need a lot of it for both missions and the creation of things.

The Cycle: Frontier’s top Veltecite farming areas on both maps are shown below. In order to help you decide which sorts of Veltecite to retain and which to sell to your preferred faction, we’ll also go through the numerous items you may make utilising various varieties of Veltecite later on.

The Cycle: Frontier Veltecite locations & Guide

The Cycle: Frontier Pure Veltecite Location | Where to Find Pure Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier

Most veletcite veins are found around waterfalls. If you wish to find mineral veins, you may carry a mineral scanner with you. However, the greatest place to look for Pure Veltecite is in a common vein that is exposed following a storm. You’ll have a 4.23 percent probability as a result.

In addition to the mineral veins, Pure Veltecite may also be found within Industrial Crates, although only with an average 1% probability.

Bright Sands Pure Veltecite Locations

  1. Waterfall Lab is the easiest location to mine for Pure Veltecite. Mine the north side of this area.
  2. The next area to find a lot of Veltecite Veins is the East Caverns. Follow the river, and you’ll find lots of Veltecite veins to mine.
  3. Waterfalls is one of the best areas to find Veltecite Veins.
  4. Follow the rivers in Water FacilitySwamp Camp, and Science Campus to find Veltecite Veins.

Pure Veltecite Crescent Falls Locations

  1. In Crescent Falls, visit the Jungle Thermal Ponds, and you’ll get a lot of Veltecite Veins in the surrounding areas like the Lakeside BuildingsPumpkin Fields, and Starport (an area between Starport Landing Pad and Starport Warehouse).
  2. Visit the areas like Nutrion Farms Warehouse and Hay Fields to get some Veltecite Veins.

What is Veltecite used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

The majority of Veltecite kinds are mostly utilised for selling to the faction of your choosing in order to gain their favour. However, you can create certain items utilising specific types of Veltecite, notably Clear Veltecite.

What you can create at the Gear Printer with Veltecite is listed below:

  • Rare Shield (15,000 K-Marks, 2 Zero Systems CPUs, 2 Cloudy Veltecite, 5 Rattler Skins)
  • All Extended, Quickdraw, and Extended Quickdraw Mags (8,000 K-Marks, 5 Pistons, 2 Co-Tec Multitools, 1 Clear Veltecite)
  • Tactical Foregrip (8,000 K-Marks, 5 Pistons, 2 Co-Tec Multitools, 1 Clear Veltecite)
  • NV Helmet (77,000 K-Marks, 4 Meteor Cores, 3 Pure Veltecite, 1 Alpha Crusher Heart)

These are the locations to get Pure Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier. There may be more locations to get Pure Veltecite, but these areas are the more prominent ones. Pure Veltecite is used to craft the Legendary NV Helmet, and it can also help you see in the dark areas.

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