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The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations

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Looking for Toxic Glands in The Cycle: Frontier?

until you’ve finished a specific quest line for it. One of the scarcer materials in the game is toxic glands. Blast ticks are the source where they are more likely to fall than any other. You will need to put in some effort in order to get your hands on some toxic glands. You can find out where the toxic glands are in The Cycle: Frontier by using this lesson.

One of the game’s uncommon resources, toxic glands may instead drop from blast ticks when you complete a specific questline for it. To obtain your hands on toxic glands, you need to put in some effort. This article will outline where to find The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands as well as how to get them from ticks.

The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations

The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations | How to Get Toxic Glands in The Cycle Frontier

Most of the time, Toxic Gland will disappear after the defeat of Acid Ticks or Blast Ticks (RED) (GREEN). The waterways close to the Swamp are where researchers often find them.

You need these “Toxic Glands” to complete the questline known as “Toxic Love.” Marie Gilbert, the ICA’s Chief Procurement Officer, is the one who gives it to you. The questline is divided into two parts, both of which may be finished without much effort.

Toxic Love Part 1

Your trip really starts when you start speaking with Marie. She will give you the direction to the Bright Sands Comms Tower. To conceal a Rare Data Drive there, along with eight Smoke Grenades. The cache drop location will be just behind the communication tower.

after you’ve completed doing that. Once you have pleased Marie, you will return to her and she will present you with a gift.

  • 310 FP
  • 8 ICA Scrip
  • 8500 K-Marks

Toxic Love Part 2

You will be allowed to continue with the questline’s following section. only after you have successfully completed the first section of the questline. Instead of doing anything else or putting the item someplace else, this section will concentrate more on delivering the item. You will need to provide three poisonous glands, ten alloys, and seven hydraulic pistons to get started.

Simply scan the whole map, paying great attention to the locations of rivers and wetlands. You’ll discover that ticks come in a wide variety of varieties. If you’d want a better chance of finding Acid or Blast Ticks. Between Swamp Camp and Rock Pools, you should run. Kill these creatures and steal their toxic glands. That’s all there is to it.

When you have completed the task of delivering the necessary items, you will be awarded with

  • 380 FP
  • 11 ICA Scrip
  • 9400 K-Marks

Where to find Alloys in The Cycle: Frontier

Dumpsters and shipping boxes may be discovered with alloys on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

Where to Find Hydraulic Pistons in The Cycle: Frontier

The Industrial Crates on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls both have hydraulic pistons.

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