Trick or Treat Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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There are a couple of new events that have been added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, both of which present you with a great deal of difficulty as well as a great deal of opportunity for rewards. They are all quite distinct from one another and can collectively present a significant challenge. The Trick or Treat Challenge is something that we are going to walk you through and help you with in this guide. Let’s get started.

Trick or Treat Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Trick or Treat Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The most important thing that you have to do in order to complete this questline and take part in the event is, essentially, to go all the way around the map and the world and give various Disney characters some presents. You will be required to present a total of ten different Disney characters with presents.

But the way it works is that you won’t need to give these gifts as frequently as you might think. So, let’s say that you just gave Scar a gift very recently. If you try to give him another gift in such a short amount of time, you won’t receive anything this time around.

Discover which Disney characters have not yet received a gift from you; not only will they appreciate it, but you will also earn a point in the competition for doing so. The completion of this challenge will be considered successful when a total of 10 gifts have been handed out.

It is not necessary to give more than one gift. Sending multiple gifts to the same player character at the same time won’t earn you any benefits, so you really shouldn’t be doing it at all.

The winner of this challenge will receive a reward that is Halloween-themed. It’s possible that you’ll decorate your house for Halloween by purchasing pumpkins and scary-looking furniture.

The information presented here should adequately prepare you for the Trick or Treat Event that will take place in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We sincerely hope that this guide was of assistance to you in completing this task and achieving this goal. Have fun!

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