Disney Dreamlight Valley ‘Nature and Nurture’ walkthrough for Scar quest

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The main story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is called “Nature and Nurture,” and it is responsible for bringing Scar from “The Lion King” to the region. It also serves to continue the narrative of the Pillars.

This article contains a walkthrough for the ‘Nature and Nurture’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It explains how to obtain rich soil and make root beer with an increased amount of carbonation, as well as how to unlock the quest that involves the new character Scar.

How to unlock 'Nature and Nurture' Scar quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to unlock ‘Nature and Nurture’ Scar quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to gain access to Scar and his ‘Nature and Nurture’ questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will first need to acquire 7,000 Dreamlight in order to gain access to the Sunlit Plateau area. After that, you will need to finish ‘The Curse’ quest by repairing the Pillars of Friendship, Courage, Trust, and Power. In the event that you are still grappling with the Orb of Power, we have a walkthrough titled “With Great Power” that can be of assistance to you.

After you have finished the previous Pillars quests and unlocked the Sunlit Plateau, go to the large elephant bones in the northeastern part of the plateau to ‘Investigate the Giant Skull.’ You will find that the entrance has been unlocked at this point. Talk to Scar as you make your way through the area to initiate the “Nature and Nurture” quest he’s offering.

We also recommend using your pickaxe on the rock inside Scar’s elephant bones cave, as it contains a special reward.

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