Where To Find Coffee Beans In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for assistance in locating Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley; we’ve got you covered! Cooking often makes use of coffee beans, which are classified as a type of fruit. It is a completely novel component that was introduced in the update for the Missions in Uncharted Space content pack. Dreamlight Valley is a cross between a “life-sim” and an adventure game. It features a variety of quests, activities, and exploration opportunities, such as crafting and cooking, with the goal of maintaining the game’s interest and ability to be played for an extended period of time. Characters from Disney and Pixar animated films can be found roaming around in Dreamlight Valley.

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Where To Find Coffee Beans In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Following the release of the Missions in Uncharted Space update, Coffee Beans are now available for use in the game. It has not been announced where coffee trees or coffee beans can be purchased, but we believe that access to them will be granted upon completion of one of Stitch’s quest chains. We are unable to confirm this information at this time due to the fact that the update only went live on December 6 and it takes a few days to unlock Stitch.

This would be analogous to how coconut trees became accessible upon completion of the Maui-based friendship quest titled “Burying the Eel,” which required the player to bury an eel (available after reaching Friendship Level 2 with Maui and unlocking Goofy). This caused coconut trees to spontaneously appear on Dazzle Beach as a result.

List Of Recipes you can cook with Coffee Bins

Name Stars Energy Sell Price Ingredients
Coffee ☆☆☆☆ +730  43  Coffee Bean
Latte ★★☆☆☆ +1,358  345  Coffee Bean
Mocha ★★★☆☆ +2,246  425  Coffee Bean
 Cocoa Bean

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