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Ark Fjordur Alpha boss locations

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Ark Fjordur Alpha boss locations:- It has become much more enjoyable because to the obstacles the Ark Fjordur map has introduced, particularly with the addition of both new and remastered bosses.

You must beat bosses on Fjordur in order to advance, just as on the previous maps, but there is a twist this time.

To get to the ultimate monster in Fjordur, you must complete a progression that calls for you to fight bosses in a certain sequence.

Ark Fjordur Alpha boss locations

Fjordur Alpha boss locations

You must battle Alpha Fenrir and three other Alpha bosses in the final phase of these missions. When you arrive at the bosses’ places, you may pick which variety you want to battle by interacting with terminals that are there. If you wish to be able to battle Fenrir and get Mjolnir, you must choose the Alpha form.

For the purpose of creating Fenrir’s gateway, each monster will drop three artefacts that you must gather. The locations of each boss and their associated artefacts are listed below:

  • The Dragon terminal can be found at 87 02.  The Cunning artifact can be found at 77 66, Immune at 91 78 and SKylord at 8 24.
  • The Broodmother cave that houses its terminal can be found at 59 64. The Clever artifact can be found at 21 57, Massive at 71 01 and Hunter at 7.5 40.
  • The Megapithecus terminal can be found at 56 84. The Devourer artifact can be found at 03 04, Brute at 49.5 14 and Pack at 21 57.

After you’ve taken down each of the three posts, go to one of the soaring runestones to create the Alpha Fenrir gateway. Take the time to be ready before entering the portal since the combat will be difficult but not particularly complicated. You may get the Tek sword engram with the Mjolnir skin after he has been defeated.

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