Chained Echoes is a narrative about warring kingdoms and the people who desire to put an end to the bloodshed. It is both a love letter to JRPGs of the past as well as a game that carves out its own identity in the process of paying homage to those games. Chained Echoes is a role-playing game that takes place on the continent of Valandis and follows the story of Glenn, a troubled young man who is skilled at piloting Sky Armor. Glenn makes a very poor decision, and as a result, he is desperate to make amends.

Chained Echoes is a role-playing video game that takes typical JRPG conventions and twists them in unexpected ways. The game was developed primarily by one person, Matthias Linda. The fundamentals of Chained Echoes’ gameplay should be instantly recognizable to anyone who has played games from the SNES period, but there are more than enough new elements to keep seasoned players of the genre on their toes.

Chained Echoes Walkthorugh

Main Storyline

Part 7: A Lovely Banquet – Narslene Sewers (2)
Part 8: Last Preparations – Dancing City of Farnsport
Part 9: Crossing Mountains – Rohlan Fields
Part 10: A Pass to Kortara – Basil
Part 11: Crossing Mountains – Eternal Flame Temple
Part 12: Crossing Mountains – Kortara Mountain Range
Part 13: Crossing Mountains – Glenn and Lenne
Part 14: Crossing Mountains – Victor, Kylian, and Robb – Wygrand Mines
Part 15: Crossing Mountains – Sienna – Rockbottom
Part 16: The Last Mile – White Rose Inn, Fiorwoods
Part 17: Killing in the Rain – Fiorwoods
Part 18: Killing in the Rain – City of Rain Tormund
Part 19: The Kindreld Monastery – Fiorwoods
Part 20: The Kindreld Monastery – Flower Fields of Perpetua
Part 21: The Kindreld Monastery – Leviathan’s Trench
Part 22: The Kindreld Monastery
Part 23: The Aurora – Flying Battleship Aurora
Part 24: Three Months Later – Flandern
Part 25: Three Months Later – Mount Rydell
Part 26: Searching for a Princess – Hermit’s Isle / Side Quests
Part 27: Searching for a Princess – Dancing City of Farnsport / Phyon Oasis
Part 28: Looking for Allies – New Wyrnshire
Part 29: Storming Tormund – Tormund Castle
Part 30: A Call From the Past – Flying Continent Shambala
Part 31: A Call From the Past – Sova Village, Flying Continent Shambala
Part 32: Ruins Under a Tree – Empyrean Ruins
Part 33: The Grave of Reina – Hermit’s Isle / Side Quests
Part 34: The Grave of Reina
Part 35: In Good Faith – Marylea
Part 36: Chained Echoes – Glenn’s Mind
Part 37: End of an Era – Hermit’s Isle / Side Quests
Part 38: End of an Era – Raminas Tower
Part 39: Killing Gods – Magic Academy Nhysa
Side Quests
A Goblin’s Dilemma
A Little Vacation
A Will To Live
Falfalaran Sings The Fairy
For the Love of Food
Into the Maelstrom
No Place for Happy Endings
The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry – Canning with Tomke
The Gates to Nhysa
Area Guides
Arkant Archipelago
Narslene Sewers
New Wyrnshire
Ograne Grottos
Raminas Tower (Lower)
The Hooge
Class Emblem and Sacred Water Location Guide
Elemental Tablets Guide
Materials Guide
New Recruits Guide
Rusty Weapon and Souls of Farnese Location Guide
Unique Monsters Guide