How to craft Mine in Modern warfare 2

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This is neither a joke, nor is it an accidental breach of information. In Modern Warfare 2, you will find a crafting system. Without giving anything away, there is a large portion of the story that plays out like The Last of Us but is powered by the engine from Modern Warfare 2. And it is really sick as f*ck. It is very clear that they are making preparations for a new kind of mission to be produced in Spec Ops. Wait until you’ve completed the task in question if you still don’t believe us when we say The Last of Us is comparable to the game. It’s just absurd.

Let’s go on to the meat of the issue now that the Call of Duty crafting system is up and running. What kinds of things can you make, and how? In this post, we will walk you through each craftable in MW2 and offer you with a quick overview of how the overall crafting system works. Let’s begin.

How to craft Mine in Modern warfare 2

How to Craft in CoD MW2

You can craft certain weapons and tools after finding the resources needed for them in CoD MW2. These are easy to come across when you explore the areas, all you have to do is interact with them and add them to your inventory. After you have the materials here is what you need to do:

  1. Press the Up key on the D-pad of your controller. This will bring out your crafting wheel allowing you to select from one of the 6 items to craft.
  2. Use your Right joystick to select the item that you wish to craft.
  3. If you have the materials for it, you will see an animation play and your character will craft the item.

You cannot craft in every mission but only the ones you have a backpack on you. Here are all the things that you can craft in this game:

How to craft Mine in Modern warfare 2 ( MW2)

To Craft Mine in Modern Warfare 2 you will need Binding x1, Explosives x1, and Trap x1 as Resources. After Crafting this you can Throw it towards your enemies or set it up like a trap to detonate from a safe distance. Works similarly as a C4.

This is all guide about Mine in modern warfare 2

How Does Crafting Work In Modern Warfare 2?

The process of crafting in Modern Warfare 2 is identical to how it was implemented in The Last of Us; first, you explore the world in search of raw materials like tape and metal scraps, and then you put those components together to make grenades and other items. You have to go close to the materials and interact with them in the open world environment before you can locate crafting supplies there. You will be able to see a prompt to interact with any object that may be picked up directly above it. Simply go in close and hit the Square button (PlayStation), the X button (Xbox), or the F button (PC).

You can collect the following items and materials: bottles, binding, metal, wax, chemicals, traps, oil, and explosives. And once you have those items you can begin crafting. Here’s how:

  1. Open your backpack by pressing Up on the D-Pad (Xbox & PlayStation), or (PC)
  2. Hover over the item you want to craft.
  3. Select “craft” and, if you have the necessary ingredients, you will craft the item.

You can select which piece of equipment to select from this same menu.


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