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How to Destroy Big Rocks in Tower of Fantasy

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by Sam

In Tower of Fantasy, the next open-world MMORPG phenomenon, you’ll come across massive rock barriers that are impenetrable no matter how many times you smash them with all your weapons.

It defies logic since these massive boulders seem to be already shattered and would shatter easily with another blow. You’ll need to finish a task in order to collect experience, money, and Astra exploration points, which are used to break through rocky barriers and reach higher levels.

How to Destroy Big Rocks in Tower of Fantasy

How to destroy big rocks in Tower of Fantasy

This offensive Relic is a bombardment of missiles. When triggered, it fires a salvo of missiles directly in your direction. Destroying rock on your route to lots on the other side of the wall or trails for exploration is one of the benefits of this Relic.

Bear in mind that they only smash certain rocks in the game. It’s common for them to take the form of massive, seemingly fractured rock cliffs.

If there are mountains or other massive stones in the region, you won’t be able to make a dent even if you equip your Relic with all of its stars.

During the course of the main tale, you will get access to the Relic needed to acquire the missile barrage. This is the adventure when you visit Area 01 of the ruined dungeon.

The cube Relic at the dungeon’s centre must be activated by talking to a Smart Servant Peanut NPC.

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