All Four Powers Locations: Voyager Thruster | Tower of Fantasy

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In Tower of Fantasy, the Four Powers are the names of four different enemies.

The Four Powers are not like the regular enemies you face in the game.

They have names and are hard to beat. But it’s worth it to beat them because the game gives you a lot of rewards and XP. We’ll show you where to find these boss enemies in this guide.

Four Powers Locations | Four Powers Locations in Tower of Fantasy

All Four Powers Locations Voyager Thruster Tower of Fantasy

Four Powers drop Voyager Thruster. The drop rate of Voyager Thruster is very low (<1%) and you might need to fight Four Powers hundreds of times before you get it. There are 4 locations where you can find The Four Powers. You can fight the Four Powers at all these four locations without any daily limit. All the four locations where you can find the Four Powers are shown with red circles on the map below.
Location 1: Four Power Okka
Location 2: Four Power Smoli
Location 3: Four Power Hethlu
Location 4: Four Power Sendyrs

1. Location Of Okka Power

Location 3 of the Four Powers (Okka): In the Small Stronghold southwest of Cetus Island (-696.6, -720.9).

Okka, a large robot, can be found standing in the field.

There are no monsters in the same area.

2. Location Of Samoli Power

Location 2 of the Four Powers (Smoli): Southwest of Cetus Island near the supply pod (-670.3, -824.1).

Smoli can be found standing outside the electronic lock wielding a gun.

There are a couple of Aberrant Canines in the same area.

3. Location Of  Hethlu Power

Location 1 of the Four Powers (Hethlu): In Ravager Port, northwest of Cetus Island (near -684.3, -975.5).

Hethlu, a large robot, can be found standing on a platform.

You can also find a couple of Ravager Assault Elites in the same area.

4. Location Of Sendyrs Power

Location 4 of the Four Powers (Sendyrs): In the Small Stronghold southeast of Cetus Island (-420.0, -766.4).

Sendyrs can be found standing in the stronghold in between a two Aberrant Canines.

There is also a Razor elite and a Headhunter elite in the same area.

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