Iceblink Legendary Gem Diablo 3

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In Diablo III’s Patch 2.2.0, the Legendary Gem Iceblink was introduced. It only drops from Greater Rift Guardians and may be socketed into Amulets and Rings. Originally only available to characters from Season Three, this gem is now available to regular characters as well.

All Cold talents that were lacking a guaranteed chill effect now have one thanks to this gem. They chilled adversaries for one second, slowing them by 60% unless they were already better. The slowness efficacy of all Chill effects (not standard Slow effects) is increased by upgrading, up to a maximum of 80%.

At level 25, it additionally increases all attacks’ probability of a critical hit by 10% when targeting adversaries who are Chilled or Frozen, even if these effects have already been applied by previous players.

This is one of the few gems that truly has a ranking restriction, essentially being completely upgraded at rank 50 due to the 80 percent maximum on Chill Movement Speed decrease.

Iceblink Legendary Gem Diablo 3

Gem Properties

  • Your Cold skills now apply Chill effects and your Chill effects now slow enemy movement speed by an additional 5.0%.
    • Upgrade: +0.4% additional movement speed reduction per Rank.
  • You gain 10% increased chance to critically strike Chilled or Frozen enemies (Requires Rank 25)

Iceblink Mechanics

Your Cold skills now always Chill monsters and slow their Movement Speed by an additional 5.0% for 3 seconds. You can only level this Gem to rank 50. Every upgrade will increase the slow effect by 0.4% up to a maximum of 25% total.

This Gem however, is mainly used for its secondary effect: 10% additional Critical Hit Chance debuff against Chilled or Frozen enemies. This effect procs itself with the primary Bonus as long as you use any Cold skill. This effect does not work for most Damage over Time (DoT) skills (e.g. Rend, Haunt) as their damage is calculated directly from the player’s sheet Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. This effect does not stack with other players wearing this Gem.

Iceblink Best Use

Only used on Supports: Very common support Gem due to the huge secondary effect. This effect usually boosts the Damage Dealer by around one Greater Rift Tier.

Popularity of Iceblink

  • The popularity for the Legendary gem Iceblink among level 70 Diablo III heroes is listed here. This data is updated daily, from the scans of more than 5 million Diablo III characters.
  • Select a class to see the best Legendary gems for that class, along with the most popular armor and weapons.
  • The Legendary Gems guide has details about obtaining and upgrading the Legendary gems, and their popularity across all the classes.

Legendary Gem in Diablo 3

Legendary Gem Creation:

If you need extra Legendary Gems to level up, you can make the Rift Guardian in any Greater Rift drop a new Rank 0 Gem by removing all the Legendary Gems with the same name from your Equipment, Inventory and Stash.

The safest way to do that is to put them into the Inventory of different character.

List Of All 23 Legendary Gems:

Bane of the Stricken Bane of the Trapped Boon of the Hoarder Boyarsky’s Chip Enforcer
Esoteric Alteration Gem of Ease Gem of Efficacious Toxin Gogok of Swiftness Iceblink
Invigorating Gemstone Legacy of Dreams Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard Moratorium
Mutilation Guard Pain Enhancer Red Soul Shard Simplicity’s Strength Taeguk
Wreath of Lightning Zei’s Stone of Vengeance Bane of the Powerful

Game Information

  • Mode: Multiplayer video game
  • Writer: Chris Metzen
  • Composer: Russell Brower
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3,
  • Official Site: Website


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