[Updated] Rage of Destiny Tier List: November 2022

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The top heroes in the game that will provide you the most long-term return on your effort and money are listed in the Rage of Destiny Tier List. Although every hero is distinctive and special, not all of them are the finest. There will always be heroes who outperform others by a wide margin. In order to help you choose the hero that will give you the highest return on your time and work so you may rule and be mighty, we produced a Rage of Destiny Tier List.
You may pick and utilise any hero in Rage of Destiny depending on your in-game progress, objective, and circumstance, but you can’t go wrong with Tier S heroes since they are the greatest in every way and are worthwhile utilising.
The highest attainable ratings were attained by employing premium accounts under the most ideal testing circumstances to construct the Rage of Destiny Tier List. We can’t control certain aspects while making a tier list, however, including luck, chance, synergy, buffs, debuffs, and other such things. Because it may be argued that the tier list is not entirely accurate.

List of Hero Rage of Destiny Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of Rage of Destiny. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Rage of Destiny Tier List 2022

New Best Tier List for Rage of Destiny

S Triguna Celestial Kingdom Great healing and DPS. She can self-resurrect.
S Ferzac Demon League Very strong DPS that can freeze enemies.
S Kratos Nature Alliance Very tough tank that’s hard to kill. He can also deal high DPS.
S Lovelace Holy Empire Great support hero. Decent DPS, can heal and buff allies with increased regen.
S Barkin Wild Tribe High boss DPS.
S Ephraim Celestial Kingdom Strong DPS with high survivability.
S Rufina Nature Alliance She can do a bit of everything. Amazing Crowd Control, with some DPS and healing.
A+ Paulus Shadow Squad Great carry with good DPS. Amazing for early and mid-game, but drops off slightly at endgame.
A+ Braelyn Nature Alliance High AoE DPS and basic attacks. Her ultimate can only hit enemies on the opposite side of the battlefield.
A Kali Wild Tribe Great support hero that can increase the damage of her allies.
A Lahia Demon League More of a support hero. Decent Crowd Control. Best paired with Male heroes.
A Moxus Demon League Increases the Defense of allies. Solid hero.
A Dietrich Shadow Squad Decent DPS and Crowd Control. He can pull enemies towards himself and stun them.
A Gharr Wild Tribe Decent DPS. He can teleport to enemies and cannot die when using his ultimate.
A Karnawa Wild Tribe Good healer that can place totems on the battlefield.
A Sperrin Shadow Squad Decent single target DPS. He can swap places with an enemy.
A Sierra Holy Empire Decent tank that can also heal. She can prevent an ally from dying. More of a healer than tank, as she’s a bit squishy
A Eloisa Nature Alliance Best Nature Alliance healer. her heals are a little slow to ramp up.
A Yonala Holy Empire Decent DPS, but a bit squishy.
A Grog Wild Tribe Tank with a lot of HP and can do decent DPS. Weak in early game.
A Vardis Shadow Squad Tank that summons minions to soak damage. Decent DPS. Good for bosses. Weak in early game.
A Bann Shadow Squad Good carry, decent for bosses. A bit worse than Paulus.
A Khamar Holy Empire Decent DPS with lifesteal.
A Theranon Wild Tribe Good carry with decent DPS.
B+ Monica Shadow Squad Decent DPS.
B Posada Nature Alliance Decent support that can reduce enemy damage.
B Luciano Nature Alliance Decent DPS and Crowd Control.
B Bouvier Holy Empire Decent DPS that can duel a single enemy. He will gain a buff if he wins.
B Giuseppe Holy Empire DPS. Not amazing, but alright for bosses.
S Hatharal Nature Alliance AoE DPS. He can pull enemies towards him. A bit squishy and DPS isn’t amazing.
B Elizabeth Holy Empire Decent Crowd Control. Good for PvP.
B Kaus Wild Tribe Tank with low DPS. Not amazing, not terrible.
B Virga Shadow Squad DPS that can dodge enemy attacks.
C Tsithia Shadow Squad Very strong hero for early and midgame. She drops off at endgame due to being Epic.
C Mayelo Holy Empire Support hero that can stun enemies. Not too great.
C Celero Wild Tribe Great early game DPS hero. Good for faction towers.
C Belfort Wild Tribe Pretty weak DPS hero.
D Sarkasson Shadow Squad Decent DPS in early and midgame.
D Roxanne Holy Empire Amazing up to level 80, but terrible beyond that.
D Bodewick Holy Empire Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Jessica Holy Empire Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Baoui Nature Alliance Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Aharb Shadow Squad Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Razoma Wild Tribe Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Aravo Wild Tribe Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Thordin Holy Empire Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Sappho Nature Alliance Weak hero. Lower level cap.
D Farin Nature Alliance Weak hero. Lower level cap.

Rage of Destiny tier list for PvE

  • SS-Tier – Paulus, Ephraim, Hatharal
  • S-Tier – Lovelace, Braelyn, Sierra, Yonala, Posada, Kratos, Eloisa, Dietrich, Moxos, Kali
  • A-Tier – Elizabeth, Khamar, Celero, Thenaron, Khamar, Tsithia, Vardis, Luciano, Bann, Gharr, Ferzac
  • B-Tier – Bodewick, Bouvier, Jessica, Mayelo, Kaus, Grog, Baoui, Aharb, Monica, Sappho
  • C-Tier – Giuseppi, Roxanne, Belfort, Barkin, Virga
  • D-Tier – Thordin, Razoma, Farin, Aravo, Sarkasson

Rage of Destiny tier list for PvP

  • SS-Tier – Hatharal, Ephraim, Moxos
  • S-Tier – Rufina, Posada, Lovelace, Elizabeth, Kali, Dietrich, Paulus, Gharr, Jessica
  • A-Tier – Eloisa, Sappho, Braelyn, Kratos, Ferzac, Bodewick, Sierra, Yonala, Mayelo, Kaus, Belfort, Thenaron, Celero, Aravo, Monica, Aharb, Vardis, Bann, Tsithia
  • B-Tier – Baoui, Giuseppe, Bouvier, Grog, Barkin, Razoma, Barkin, Sarkasson, Sappho
  • C-Tier – Luciano, Thordin, Virga, Roxanne
  • D-Tier – Farin

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