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The Cycle: Frontier Focus Crystals Locations

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Looking for Focus Crystals in The Cycle: Frontier?

There are several resources to gather, including Focus Crystals, on the disputed planet in The Cycle: Frontier. Focus Crystals are the extraction shooter’s most prized rock, and we’ll show you where to locate them on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

What it’s about: There are two types of focus crystals in The Cycle. There are green Pure Focus Crystals in addition to the blue Normal Focus Crystals. These crystals are necessary for missions, may be used to enhance your quarter, or can be sold for a profit. So gather your supplies, and we’ll show you where to look for crystal deposits.

The Cycle: Frontier Focus Crystals Locations

The Cycle: Frontier Focus Crystals Locations | How to Get Focus Crystals in The Cycle Frontier

The Cycle’s Bright Sands is where most players begin since it is simpler to learn than Crescent Falls. On Bright Sands, however, the only places to locate Focus Crystals are in the jungle and close to the wrecked ship. There, you’ll regularly run across other gamers in addition to a large number of vile animals who wish to harm you. As a result, if you wish to enter the Jungle as a beginner right away, take care of yourself and consider your options.

Pure Focus Crystal Location

Pure Focus Crystal is available in Fortuna III’s Jungles. Make sure you have a mineral scanner to locate Pure Focus Crystal precisely before beginning your hunt for minerals.

The crystal locations divide Crescent Falls into two halves. Northeast and southwest you will most likely find crystal deposits. We have listed the exact locations here:

  • West of the Nutrion Farms Processing.
  • Around the Favela.
  • At the Skeleton Observation Site.
  • In the forest around the Oasis.

Location on Crescent Falls Map

If you choose a Crescent Falls Map, you will find vast quantities of Pure Focus Crystal here. To find the substance, investigate the jungle around the Favela and the jungle on the west side of Nutrion Farms Processing. After that, you may explore the West neighbourhood by heading toward the Lake Side Building.

Visit the region around Green Prospect on the north side after that. After that, you may go get the stuff by going to the Starport Warehouse and Oasis. Pure Focus Crystal may also be found at the Skeleton Observation Site at the northernmost point in that direction.

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