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The Cycle: Frontier Jewelry Guide

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Looking for Jewelry in The Cycle: Frontier?

Jewelry is a rare material without any printing value, therefore you can’t print anything in The Cycle: Frontier with it. Jewelry will only be kept by you for the express purpose of selling it to get some fast cash.

When sold, each item of jewellery will bring in 1,013 K-Marks as well as 10 faction points for levelling up your chosen faction. Additionally, to update the K-Marks generator in your private quarters, you need require jewellery. The Cycle: Frontier’s places for finding jewellery are all highlighted in the following guide.

The Cycle: Frontier Jewelry Guide

The Cycle: Frontier Jewellery Locations | How to get Jewellery in The Cycle Frontier

Only in safes, briefcases, bags, and coats can jewellery be discovered. Jackets have the largest possibility of concealing jewellery, whereas luggage has the lowest chance of doing so.

Be aware that in Tier 3 and Tier 5 locations, you have a possibility of finding Jewelry in jackets of 18.75 to 20.25 percent. Additionally, Crescent Falls contains more jewellery than Bright Sands if you’re trying to grind.

Bright Sands Jewelry Locations

Finding Jewelry may be done in the Base Camp in the centre of the map. From there, turn west to reach the Comms Tower. There is also some jewellery in the region outside the crashed ship, atop the communications tower. Go to the western edge of the Jungle Camp if you’re already there to collect additional jewellery.

Crescent Falls Jewelry Locations

Once again, at Greens Prospect, you may start your jewellery collection in the centre. From there, go north to the forested regions, where you will discover a tonne of jewellery.

Excellent places to farm a lot of Jewelry are the Starport Warehouse and Starport Admin to the east. Another fantastic spot is the far-south Favela.

There are other regions, and you must have observed that Crescent Falls has more jewellery than Bright Sands. To collect all the jewellery before moving toward the centre and nearby designated POIs, you may really spend the whole day travelling around Crescent Falls’ periphery.

Finding Jewelry in The Cycle Frontier is a simple task. When finding jewelry, make sure to look for Crescent falls properly, as it has more jewelry than Bright sands.

Make sure you spend a day in Crescent falls borders before you proceed to the center or its surroundings. We have listed all the places where you can find jewelry in The Cycle Frontier. Hopefully, this helped you.

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