Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of useful things that can help you get Star Coins, energy, Dreamlight, and even friends. One of these resources is food. They are mostly for you to use in recipes, but you can also sell them and make a nice profit with them. You can also use them to finish your Dreamlight Duties.

Ingredients are important to the game, but they can be hard to find. We’ve put together a list of where they are and how much they are worth so you know what to cook and what to sell to Goofy.

List Of All Vegetables In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Asparagus Frosted Heights 133 Star Coins
Bell Pepper Forest of Valor 33 Star Coins
Carrot Peaceful Meadow 44 Star Coins
Chili Pepper Sunlit Plateau 78 Star Coins
Cucumber Frosted Heights 159 Star Coins
Eggplant Frosted Heights 308 Star Coins
Leek Forgotten Lands 309 Star Coins
Lettuce Peaceful Meadow 8 Star Coins
Okra Glade of Trust 114 Star Coins
Onion Forest of Valor 170 Star Coins
Potato Forgotten Lands 126 Star Coins
Pumpkin Forgotten Lands 664 Star Coins
Spinach Glade of Trust 41 Star Coins
Tomato Dazzle Beach 22 Star Coins
Zucchini Sunlit Plateau 52 Star Coins