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Ark Survival Evolved: How to get cactus sap?

Last Updated on July 14, 2022 by Sam

How to get cactus sap:- Although it would seem that cactus wouldn’t thrive in the Fjordur’s cold Nordic-themed landscape, that is not the case. We have the best spots for anyone who want to harvest cactus sap in Ark Fjordur for their crafting requirements. This comprehensive guide will assist you in locating the cactus sap spawn points in Ark Fjordur by highlighting the farming places with map photos for your convenience.

Ark Survival Evolved: How to get cactus sap?

How to Get Cactus Sap?

Cacti may be harvested for their sap with tools, however for this, you mostly need a pick or a hatchet (a chainsaw works best).

Whips may be used to collect smaller cactus, but tools or domesticated animals are required to gather bigger ones. Commonly found in desert biomes are cacti and certain plants that may be picked for cactus sap.

Uses Of Cactus Sap

Cactus Sap is used for crafting a few items, a few of these being resources that are needed for other recipes as well.

One of the most important uses for Cactus Sap is the creation of Clay, which is used to craft Adobe Structures.

The following are crafted using Cactus Sap:

  • Cactus Broth
  • Clay
  • Propellant

Ark Fjordur Cactus Sap Farming Locations

In emergency scenarios, you may utilise cactus sap as a consumable to sate your hunger, or you can use it to make cactus broth. Consuming cactus sap may significantly increase how thirsty you are.

It is conveniently located on Volcano Island, which is southeast of the Fjordur Area. Although the sap is plentiful throughout the island, we have identified several places to make your search easier.

Cactus Sap Farming Location #1

There are two main farming locations where you can farm the cactus sap. The best cactus sap locations are at the following coordinates:

  • 75.5 LAT
  • 81.0 Lon

Cactus Sap Farming Location #2

Just like the previous location given, cactus sap can be found on the same island at the given coordinates:

  • 85.9 LAT
  • 75.8 LON

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