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Where to find the mini-bosses in Ark: Survival Evolved – Fjordur

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Where to find the mini-bosses:- Before you may even grasp the hammer in your hand in Ark Survival Evolved, you must first complete a protracted unlocking procedure that involves several obstacles to overcome, such as collecting 200 Fjordur Runes. Unless you enter a console command, it’s just the beginning. Before you begin, keep in mind that you must battle a total of six mini bosses, one ultimate monster, and traverse almost the whole Fjordur area.

Where to find the mini-bosses in Ark: Survival Evolved – Fjordur

Where to find the mini-bosses

This part of the game is a little grindy since mini-bosses need 30 runestones to summon. Of course, you could just use terminal commands in this situation, but we’ll get to that later. You should summon the following three mini-bosses:

  • Steinbjorn—found via the Portal Cave at 40 48, using the right-hand terminal
  • Haiti and Skoll—found via the Portal Cave at 20.5 37, using the centre terminal
  • Beyla—found at 04.5 47

Bring a variety of tames and put on cold-resistant apparel before taking on any of these mini-bosses (like fur armour). Oh, and naturally your most potent weaponry. Interact with it once the mini-boss has been eliminated to get runestones and artefacts.

Beyla boss location

You’ll find Beyla at 04.5 47. It’s a challenging fight, so we recommend bringing any useful tames you have along. Interact with the boss after you defeat it to obtain the relic.

Steinbjorn boss location

Steinborn is on a separate map outside the main Fjordur region, which you can access from the Portal Cave. The Portal Cave location is at 40 48 and the terminal you want is the one on the right, but before teleporting yourself off to Steinbjorn territory, make sure you’re equipped to deal with the cold. Spending time unprepared in this region will quickly reduce your health, so we recommend using fur armor.

Haiti and Skoll boss location

Head back to the Cave Portal and use the terminal in the center this time. There’s no environmental consideration to worry about for this region, so just travel to 20.5 37 when you’re ready to face the bosses. Don’t forget to interact with both boss corpses after the fight, and make sure to grab their Runestones as well.

With Relics in hand, you can fight the island bosses next, though that, too, takes a fair bit of time. If you travel to the boss locations, you find a terminal that lets you choose which variant of the boss you want to fight and tells you what items you need to start.

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