[Updated] Counter Side Tier List: November 2022

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The Counter Side tier list is divided into various categories since each character specialises in a distinct area. This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive character tier list will assist you in selecting the best character for your goal or circumstance in the game.
You must invest in the greatest character to get the most out of your time and efforts. If you’re playing a free-to-play game, picking the perfect character is very vital. The Counter Side tier list was developed with endgame outcomes in mind and tested by players with high-level accounts.
Please share your thoughts on which characters should be at the top of the list in the comments box below so that we can all talk about it. Remember that the objective of this Counter-Side character tier list is to educate you of each character’s most significant values and features.

List of Counter Side Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of Counter Side. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Counter Side Tier List

New Best Tier List for Counter Side

Counter Side Ranger Role Tier List

S TIER Kyle Wong, Kim Sobin, Joo Shiyoon.
A TIER Elizabeth Pendragon, Gaeun, Seo Yoon.
B TIER Sparrowx2, Nayuka Minato, Shin Jia, Cathy Wade.
C TIER Eddie Fisher, Assault Trooperx3, Yoo Mina, Riflemanx3, Scoutx3, Archenex2, John Mason, Han Sorim, UBGL Riflemanx2.
D TIER Peacekeeperx3, Thaddeus Morgan, Cho Hojin, Recoiless Gunnerx2, ZSU Shilka, Black Tail, Yang Hasnol, Yuna Springfield.

Counter Side Sniper Role Tier List

S TIER Xiao Lin.
A TIER Sylvia Lena Copper, Hayamai Sanae.
B TIER Adamant Sniper, Sweeperx2, Kim Chowon.
C TIER Maya Hunt, Miya, Sniper, Stinger Gunnerx2.
D TIER Buzzard, HM MRLS, Reaper.

Counter Side Striker Role

S TIER Lin Xien, Cindy Looper.
A TIER Roy Burnett, Titan, Terminatorx2, Bomi.
B TIER Esterosa de Chavalier, Jake Walker, Orca, Nanahara Chifuyu, MA1 HMMWV, Park Hyunsoo.
C TIER Woodpecker, Jane Doe, Liv Allen, Oh Saerom, Hilde, Chariot, Zena Bird.
D TIER Ingrid Johanna, Eujin, Surpressorx2, Amy Strickland, Nina Anderson, Jessica Green.

Counter Side Supporter Role Tier List

S TIER Yang Harim.
A TIER Evelyn Keller, Claudia Nelson.
B TIER Nanahara Chinatsu, Arius Esquede, Ironside.
C TIER Lee Minseo, Lee Jin, Shim Somi.
D TIER Laura Beatrix.

Counter Side Defender Role Tier List

S TIER Irie Alford, Ryan Ferrier.
A TIER Hound.
B TIER Fione Lowell, Benedict Constantine.
C TIER Hirose Aki, Strongholdx2, Shiledmanx2, Kim Chulsoo.
D TIER Lee Dafoe, Choi Gangsan, Charlie Rockwood, Tommy the Die-Hard, Ogami Masaki.

Counter Side Siege Role Tier List

S TIER Choi Ina.
A TIER Lumi.
B TIER Gabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker.
C TIER Rhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half, Mortar Team.
D TIER PZH Mobile Gun.

Counter Side Tower Role Tier List

S TIER Choi Ina.
A TIER Lumi.
B TIER Gabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker.
C TIER Rhino, Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half, Mortar Team.
D TIER PZH Mobile Gun.

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