DNF Duel Tier List

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Fighting video game DNF Duel was created by Neople, Arc System Works, and Eighting. The focus of the game is action. As your favourite character from the cherished Dungeon and Fighter series, enter the new beat ’em up realm of Arad. There are 11 characters available for players to choose from, each with unique personalities and skill sets. You are at the correct spot if you’re wondering which character best represents you.

You can find a list of every character in DNF Duel in this guide.

DNF Duel Tier List

DNF Duel Characters Tier List

You can find out which characters are the greatest in the game right now by looking at the tier list, which is crucial. Due to a variety of factors, selecting the character that is perfect for you requires time.

S Tier

  • Crusader
  • Striker
  • Berserker
  • Hitman

A Tier

  • Vanguard
  • Ranger
  • Grappler
  • Kunoichi

B Tier

  • Launcher
  • Dragon Knight
  • Swift Master
  • Troubleshooter

C Tier

  • Inquisitor
  • Lost Warrior
  • Ghostblade

DNF Duel Character List

DNF Duel Tier List

1. DNF Duel Grappler

The first character is the grappler, who is excellent for novices because of his focus on close-quarters fighting. Additionally, he has the power to alter move effects, and his Iron Physique enables him to protect while taking less white damage.

2. DNF Duel Berserker

The second character is called Berserker, who has a moveset that is reasonably simple to utilise and an aggressive aerial-to-ground assault method. While his Thirst ability enables him to recover HP according on the amount of damage caused, he may trade HP for stronger assaults.

3. DNF Duel Ranger

Ranger is the third character. He has a lot of ranged assaults, and you may manage the quantity of attacks by using his movements. Additionally, he has a variety of ambush techniques, and his Sudden Death special ability teaches users how to attack targets while applying a retaliation debuff.

4. DNF Duel Hitman

Hitman, the fourth character, has a variety of multi-hit and pressure attacks. After utilising several MP moves, his unique power, Battle Command or Shattering Strike, becomes available.

5. DNF Duel Dragon

Dragon Knight, the fifth character, has a variety of simple techniques and can do an aerial dash, which enables her to perform several motions while leaping. She is able to boost the quantity of MP restored thanks to her unique ability.

6. DNF Duel Vanguard

Vanguard, the sixth character, has a lot of long-ranged attacks and his movements may be divided into four separate move strings. While his special attack ability, Demonic Lance Mastery, increases the amount of Guard Gauge drained when strikes are defended against, his long-range attack offers several unique cancel tactics.

7. DNF Duel Kunoichi 

Kunoichi, the eighth character, is very mobile and has teleportation abilities. She can leap in the air as well, and by holding the buttons, you can make her MP moves stronger. Her unique ability, Nin Boost, may speed up the binding of Nin and reduce the MP consumption of Nin Bound techniques, while her ability, Burning Sigma, can trigger delayed explosions.

8. DNF Duel Crusader 

Crusader, the eighth character, has several techniques with excellent range and damage. He has moves that are self-improving and can build walls behind opponents. He may improve defence, guard break resistance, and white damage recovery speed with his special ability, Merciful Strength.

9. DNF Duel Ghostblade

Ghostblade, the ninth character, can strike in quick succession when using Ghost and possesses a variety of poking techniques. She can travel quickly and to various spots depending on where Ghost is, and her particular ability, Phantasmal Binity, ups the harm she does to enemies.

10. DNF Duel Inquisitor

The tenth character is the Inquisitor, who may use a variety of actions to both shut down and restrain the opposition. Her special ability, Coldhearted Inquisitor, aids in the recovery of MP after using an MP move, and she is capable of inflicting exceptional damage with Burning Hit.

11. DNF Duel Striker

The Tenth character is a Striker who has a variety of close-range attacks that may be used to get closer to an opponent. She can switch up her combo attacks with special cancels, and her Power Fist special ability raises both the attack and the minimum damage each strike.


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