[Updated] Eternal Evolution Best Heroes Tier List: November 2022

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The Eternal Evolution Best Heroes Tier List will help you in selecting the most powerful heroes in the game. It is essential to know which heroes are the best in Eternal Evolution in order to advance quickly, dominate other players, and become a powerful player. There are numerous heroes in Eternal Evolution, and not all of them are particularly strong.

Eternal Evolution Best Heroes Tier List

New Eternal Evolution Best Heroes Tier List

Eternal Evolution Tier List – Best Characters

Here is the breakdown of our Eternal Evolution Tier List:

  • SR → IMBA heroes. You should sell your soul for them. Universal, unique and OP heroes. But it will be difficult for f2p players to collect that heroes.
  • S → great heroes with whom you can complete the whole in game content. Never feed them into the evolution of other heroes. The good news that you can get them all in the game without donate. Yes, someone is rarer, someone is more common, but nevertheless it is possible to collect them.
  • → also good heroes, but less universal. Do not assume that they are useless. Many of them even help to start the game easy and quickly. But all of them are situated in the A-rank, because they either have a stronger S-analogue or they lose impact after 13-15 chapters of the campaign.
  • → the weakest heroes among their brothers. Kuite rises from this rank to A-rank only after getting his talents. Until then, he’s a piece of meat.

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