[Updated] Thetan Arena Hero Tier List: November 2022

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You can find out which heroes are the greatest in the game by looking at the Thetan Arena tier list. In a game, there are many distinctive heroes, but not all of them are excellent. A hero who is just more strong than the rest will always exist. To help you identify the most powerful heroes, we prepared the Thetan Arena tier list.
Use the Thetan Arena tier list to determine which unusual characters are the most strong, how much health and damage they have, and most importantly, to avoid wasting time and effort if you want to move quicker and get an edge over other players in a game.
Your choice of heroes will depend on a several things, including your objective, the current stage of the game, and your current growth. Use heroes rated as Tier S if you’re the kind of player that doesn’t care about these things. With these, you just cannot go wrong.

List of Hero Thetan Arena Tier List 2022

As of today, we have listed all the available Tier List Of Thetan Arena. Listed All Skins are shown by list which is Tier S, A, B, C, D. Scroll Down and get all List.

Thetan Arena Hero Tier List

New Best Tier List for Thetan Arena

Tier Tank Assassin Marksman
Overpowered (S) Kongkey Mortal Shanna, Durass,
Strong (A) Breaker, Luccy Muffy Raidon, Taekwon, El Dragon, Mary Benjamin, Cluster, Pheonix
Good (B) Meiko, Veinka Rei Morrod, Steelshot, Big Papa, Bathos
Average (C) Errant Ghost Serp Destroid, Culein

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Game Information

  • Title – Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival
  • Publisher – Wolffun Pte Ltd
  • Genre
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