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The Cycle: Frontier Master CPU Unit Guide

Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Sam

Looking for Master CPU Unit in The Cycle: Frontier?

A first-person shooter video called The Cycle: Frontier has technological characteristics. To fulfil a task, you must choose it and board the Fortuna III. The game features a variety of resources and things that may be used to advance.

Master Unit CPU is one of the most powerful tools for controlling intricate energy fields and is ideal for powering adaptive AI systems. This item may be looted, used in the game, or sold for 3845 K-Marks in the exchange. Earning 38 Faction Points to level up your rank is another way for you to take use of it.

The Cycle: Frontier Master CPU Unit Guide

Master Unit CPU Location

One of the best places to find these is within the Pinnacle Labs on Crescent Falls. They can be found in the small briefcases.

From the Pinnacle Labs on Crescent Falls, you may steal Master Unit CPU. To steal the Master Unit CPU, go there and search for the briefcases. You still have one more method to get a Master Unit CPU if you don’t want to go there, and that is via crafting.

How To Craft Master Unit CPU?

You can easily craft a Master Unit CPU In The Cycle: Frontier with the help of the following resources and time:

  • Cost:
    • 7,700 K-Marks
  • Resources Required:
    • 3 Zero Systems CPU
    • 1 Miniature Reactor
    • 2 Co-Tec Multitool
  • Time To Craft:
    • 15 Minutes

You can use this to craft one Master Unit CPU. If you want to craft more material then you need to get double resources time and K-Marks.

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Game Information

  • Publisher – YAGER
  • Genre
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