What To Feed Ravens In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are Critters whom you can befriend and add as your companion. To befriend them, you need to approach and feed them a specific type of meal in order to please them. In this guide, we have explained where you can find Ravens and feed them.

What To Feed Ravens In Disney Dreamlight Valley

What To Feed Ravens In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ravens are incredibly elusive and we haven’t actually been able to locate them yet. However, we will update this when we manage to find this pesky bird.

Ravens are found in the Forgotten Lands. Despite going up to the area and looking around, we haven’t actually encountered any yet.

Favorite Food: We haven’t found this animal’s favorite food yet.

Ravens are currently shown under the ‘Critters’ section of the player’s collection; however, they have not yet been added to the game. Only their location and color variations are currently known

Each Disney Dreamlight Valley animal’s favorite food

Below is each animal’s favorite food and where they can be found. We are yet to find the Ravens in the Forgotten Lands but we will update this as soon as we find and feed them.

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